Authentic 4M Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy

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Authentic 4M Mould & Paint Glitter Fairy

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Create your own glitter fairy magnets or pins by using mould, plaster, paints and brush included in the kit. Mould and Paint your very own Glitter Fairies, the pack comes with a single mould with six different designs of fairy and materials to make six magnets or badges. Unleash your crafty imagination with the Mould & Paint Glitter Fairies Kit! It?s time to mould and paint your very own fairies. There?s a mould, plaster, paint and brush for you to make magnets or badges. Add some glittery sparkle to complete these masterpieces! It’s so easy to do, and so much fun. Suitable for children aged 5 and over. Specialise in quality arts and crafts kits, that encourage children to explore and enjoy traditional skills, whilst being creative and using their imaginations to have fun. Creative toy to make great gifts for friends and family.